Montina Art

Artist member since 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Art has and always has been at the center of who I am. As a child, I would create art as a way of putting things into words even before I was ready to understand them. Today, as an academically trained painter, my subjects remain wide and my paintings multilayered. Today in the studio I explore imagined colourful landscapes, expressionistic portraiture, collaborative abstracts with my son, and 1970's nostalgia inspired scenes and imagery.

In the four years at OCAD I explored various themes from Carl Jung's Psychoanalysis to Epigenetic Memory, it was always a search for healing. After graduation from OCAD University, I had a new sense of purpose and wanted to paint joy again. This led me to explore landscapes that are imagined and thick with dances of colour and movement. The way I work is completely proportionate to the energetic imprint I leave in my daily life. I am an energetic clumsy firecracker and this energy gets trapped in my work. The first layers are extreme impulses with vibrant colours and loose shapes and loud hues. I will come to the same painting numerous times over the span of weeks, adding a new layer that slowly brings the figure into focus.

As a new mother, my son teaches me about being a sensory organ.much of my current work is an expression of the joys of motherhood. I’ve even started collaborating with my son on colourful abstract work. This is a way to get him involved in the studio and prove that an art career doesn't have to be put on hold when you have a child!

I want to explore joy, and for me, this means visiting the decades of the 1960's and '70s. I embrace the fortunate accidents of paint, letting each layer soak in as I wait for my next impulse.


Upcoming Exhibitions

See all my recent work here.

You can also catch me at Toronto Artisian Market this summer in Trinity Bellwoods

Select Past Exhibitions

York Lane Collective, Stratford
The Inbetween


White House Studios, Toronto
Ancestral Overlap


The Bainton Gallery, Blyth
Transfiguration: A Case Study on Epigenetic Memory


Artscape, Gibralter Point, Toronto


OCAD University
Drawing and Painting

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